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Solving magic cubes: These tutorials help you succeed

Especially for beginners, it can be quite difficult to learn about the different methods for solving magic cubes. So we made it our mission to compile helpful tutorials and resources for you. These will surely help you solve your cube quickly.
And even if you no longer think of yourself as a beginner, you can still find various video tutorials by experienced cubers on the pages linked below.

Tutorials for the 3x3 magic cube
From the layer by layer method for beginners to the advanced CFOP method, we will give you an overview of solving methods for the 3x3 cube.
Tutorials for the Pyraminx
LbL, L4E, ... – confused yet? Here you can learn more about the different methods for mastering the Pyraminx.
Tutorials for the Skewb
Sarah + Skewbs = 💡
Here you can find out what Sarah has to do with Skewbs and how she can help you solve Skewbs faster.

With the Secret Tutorial Book by QiYi, you’ll always have the solutions at your fingertips, even when you are on the go. Thanks to its compact size, this book fits in your pocket, jacket pocket or backpack, for example. In the English-language Secret Tutorial Book, you will find illustrated step-by-step instructions for the following magic cubes: