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MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron Set 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5

speed cubes, stickerless, pastel colours, set of 4 different magic cubes

Article ID CL-118
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If you think the MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron 3x3 with its pastel colours is cool, you'll love the MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron Set 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5! Because with this set you get these four magic cubes in one fell swoop:

  • MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron 2x2
  • MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron 3x3
  • MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron 4x4
  • MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron 5x5
Sweet as sugar to the power of four! These magic cubes stand out from your collection with their special colour scheme. With the MoYu Cube Holder you can showcase them perfectly.

Of course, the Cubes are also there to be solved. The frosted stickerless surface gives you a better grip and prevents scratches. Corner cutting is also possible with these budget cubes. The cubes can also be turned easily and quietly.
The MoYu MFJS MeiLong Macaron Set is a great Christmas gift or birthday present for professionals and beginners in speedcubing. With these speed cubes you can try your hand at different sizes and have four extraordinary cubes at home thanks to their pastel colours.

Technical data

Article IDCL-118
ModelMeiLong 4-Cube Gift Box Macarone
Weight320 g/set

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