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QiYi Valk 3 M 3x3

magnetic speed cube, black

Article ID CL-66
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The Valk 3 M 3x3 speed cube is definitely one of the flagship cubes of the QiYi brand. Various world records have already been set with this magic cube, so it is hardly surprising that the Valk 3 M is extremely popular with professional speedcubers. The cube owes its name to the Dutch speed cube legend Mats Valk. He was involved in the development of the Valk 3 M.

Here are a few more facts why the Valk 3 M 3x3 is so impressive:

  • Magnets inside the speed cube provide an improved rotation feel
  • Superfast and smooth to turn
  • Has high-quality, only 0,13 mm thick, half-bright vinyl stickers
  • Unbelievable corner cutting possible

We recommend: Try the Valk 3 M 3x3 and see for yourself!

Technical data

Article IDCL-66
ModelValk 3 M 3x3
Length55,5 mm
Suitable for4 years
Weight88 g