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MoYu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3

magnetic speed cube, stickerless

Article ID CL-90
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Don’t let yourself be fooled by the shiny surface! Once you hold the MoYu WeiLong GTS3 LM in your hands and start turning it, the magnetic speed cube will show its true character. The outer edges of the cubelets have a sculpted design, allowing for better grip.

The strength of this cube lies in its interior. 48 medium-strength magnets are permanently installed inside the speed cube. The core is made of high-grade nylon, surrounded by high-precision springs. It gives the cube stability and a comfortable turning speed. Taking the cover off the middle piece reveals the tensioning system. Use it to adjust how much these springs should be compressed. The tension of the springs affects how smoothly you can turn and control the speed cube. Customise your cube and let’s go!

Included in the delivery: MoYu WeiLong GTS3 LM 3x3 stickerless, 6 replacement magnets, screwdriver, adjustment tool and spring adjustment tool incl. instructions (English), manual (English) with solutions, plastic case incl. mounting piece to display the speed cube

Technical data

Article IDCL-90
ModelMoYu WeiLong GTS3 LM
Length56,3 mm
Suitable for4 years
Weight98 g



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