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MoYu MFJS MeiLong 10x10

speed cube, stickerless

Article ID CL-108
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You worked your way up to the 10x10 magic cube! Our congratulations! The Big Cube with 10x10 layers is currently the king among speed cubes when it comes to size.

With the MFJS MeiLong 10x10, MoYu created a lightweight 10x10 cube, boasting an edge length of 84 mm. Even with this size, the cube can be controlled very well and offers you a smooth rotation feel. The speed cube is very stable, and the layers can be moved quickly and without sticking. Nevertheless, for speedcubing, your skill is still required!

Fun fact: According to an unofficial ranking, the record for solving a 10x10 speed cube stands at 10 minutes 2.99 seconds set by Michal Halczuk. We wonder how long it will take you to solve this Big Cube!

Technical data

Article IDCL-108
ModelMeiLong MF8865
Length84 mm
Suitable for4 years
Weight380 g



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